Saturday, March 12, 2011


Here is a picture of Jason and his snow cave, that I received in my email. If you enlarge the picture you can see his camping pad inside. It is amazing to me that he dug this to sleep inside. Looking forward to finding out how long it took to dig.

Friday, March 11, 2011


If there is one word that would describe me it would have to be a procrastinator. Every week I say I am going to do better but then decide that this isn't the week to worry about it, to many other things to get to. So here I am loading pictures onto my computer and I see Christmas pictures uploading and wonder how it could have been so long. So this will be a quick catch-up to what has happened since.

There is a lot of changes getting ready to go on in the Carson home. In 2 more months Jason will start his terminal leave from the military. Now when you get to a place when you can say you are retired (not that he actually gets that luxury) that is a very weird thing. Pray for us that we will soon find a job. :)

At the moment Jason is trying his skills at snow caving with the boy scouts. Should be a unique experience for him. Besides that he keeps very busy with work, his calling as a young mens president which includes Boy Scouts, finishing up his 'tickets' for Woodbadge, trying to find a job, fixing a bathroom, and being a dad and husband.

The rest of the us are going threw our days learning and growing.

The next two pictures are of our Jeffrey getting awarded his Bear Rank in Cub Scouts. I am so prod of him.

Fun in the snow. We took our sled up to the Olympics for a few hours and played around. I was a little nervous when the snow got to deep for our car and we got stuck. That was the longest 10min of my day.

The boys had a white elephant for their classes during Christmas. 13 kids in our livingroom, wow, but they all had a blast. Ask Jeffrey sometime about the barbi he got :)

Our cutie boy.

Our Daisy, growing way quick.

Jonah at his pian0 recital.
Jeffrey at his.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow day

Here are the boys enjoying some snow that we had a few weeks ago. Jason was at work 30min. away but that day it took him 5hrs to get home. 5hrs in the car trying to get home, think you would be aggravated? Not Jason. He enjoyed the snow and the challenge of getting threw the craziness the streets were. Even his doing a 180 in his jeep didn't seem to bother him.

This is a picture Jeffrey drew in a drive way. I love it!

The sledding was a blast. All enjoyed it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Grandma

Look at this woman. She is one of the best people you could ever meet. Boy did I love this woman. I would say she had the life that all of us should have. She has children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren that adore her. If you met her, she touched you heart. I could write all day about how wonderful she was. When I think of growing up, at any stage of my life, I think of my grandma. When this woman passed on I know she had a line of people waiting to welcome her home. I love you grandma.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I don't know if it just because he is a boy but my Jeffrey has this wonderful like to burping. It is driving me crazy so one day after he did it so loud that the guy standing across the street heard him I told him that I wanted him to write a paragraph why he feels he needs to do it. I thought I would hear complaining and he would say he would never do it again but he didn't. No, he thought that would be "cool." So here is him report.

I burp because I like to see how loud I can burp. I also burp because it is good for you. I can not really tell when a burp is coming and when I can, it is so loud that it still comes out. It is good for you because it gets gas out of you. Burping is rude because it sounds bad and makes a loud noise.

A few days after this he told me that he had burped 50 times but only 1 came out.

Kids!! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Additions

So we have added two new member to our family. I really wasn't up for more children to have to take care of but I was out numbered. I actually am getting to where I love having them, that is until there is a mess to clean up. A kitten and a puppy, yep like having babies. Luckily most responsibility goes to the boys but a mother is never out of the loop.

Here Jonah is with Alice, we got her from the Human Society. She is such a sweaty. Loves to be snuggled with, she will come up to you and cry for you to snuggle with her. Right now she is sleeping on Jason's chest while he sleeps on the couch.
Here is our Daisy. She loves her Jeffrey, she follows him around everywhere. She sleeps with him every night. Poor Jeffrey, even if he is sleeping she will go up to him and pretty much lay on top of his head. Not sure what she is. The mother's owners didn't even know she was pregnant. They thought she was getting fatter but didn't realize it till they saw her stomach move. They think she is part black lab. She was the only one who had the white stripe on her head. She also has a little spot on her back and 2 of her paws are white.

Cute Pictures

Just a few pictures I wanted to share.

We recently joined the climbing gym down the road for some PE activity. I am loving it. Of course I am only able to last a short while, until by fingers get stronger and hands get tougher. The boys are doing really good at it. It is great to watch them climb. We have been going a month and I just passed my belay test so now the boys are able to climb and not just bolder. I only get to climb when the homeschool group gets together and go since the boys aren't old enough to belay. No complains here though since bouldering is a great workout. I have to say I am impressed with the climbing gym. They have a homeschool membership. Such a great deal and they even let you rent the shoes and harnesses for free. LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!

Here Jonah is falling off the wall. Luckily with bouldering you can't go to high.

The boys and I went to a pumpkin patch and played around. The corn maze was a lot of fun. Here the boys were racing around on trikes around a circle.

What a wonderful face.